2022-2023 Season

Dance Productions

Diversity Statement

The Dance program aspires to create meaningful, engaging new art that reflects color-disruptive and/or color-conscious casting within its productions. The program does not believe in a generalized approach to decisions about race, ethnicity, and diversity in casting.  In casting, we seek to embrace and celebrate difference always, and to disrupt tradition often. We eschew tokenism.  Where possible, we consider the cultural backgrounds and life experiences of our dancers in the casting process.  We recognize that because casting is not necessarily rooted within the diversity of our current student population, our need to affirmatively recruit and promote dancers of color within our program is underscored.

Alabama Repertory Dance Theatre- Fall

October 19-21, 2022
Dance Theatre

Alabama Repertory Dance Theatre returns to the stage for its 31st season with graceful performances choreographed by our nationally acclaimed dance faculty. Join us for a transformative visual experience and lively journey through motion.  







Dance Alabama!- Fall

November 9-11, 2022
Dance Theatre

Dance Alabama! is a collection of performances choreographed and designed by students and includes all genres of dance, ranging from classical ballet to contemporary and hip-hop dance forms. This dance concert is designed to showcase student choreography that is conceptually original and visually stimulating.  






Alabama Repertory Dance Theatre- Spring

March 1-4, 2023
Dance Theatre

Alabama Repertory Dance Theatre’s spring production will feature exciting premieres by emerging guest choreographers. This dance concert will encompass classical ballet, contemporary, and jazz dance pieces. 








Dance Alabama!- Spring

April 19-22, 2023
Dance Theatre

The spring production of Dance Alabama! brings together passion, dynamics, and rhythm to create beautiful student choreographic works of art that are enjoyable to all types of audiences.








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