The Department of Theatre and Dance may offer scholarships in addition to the variety of scholarships, grants and financial aid offered by the University.

Dance Scholarships

Dance program scholarships are offered on a limited basis because of fluctuating funds and availability.  Funds are minimal and might help students pay for books or other small fees. Incoming freshmen and transfer students are ineligible to apply for dance program scholarships. Application forms will be available in the Spring semester for current dance majors who wish to apply for a dance program scholarship for the following academic year. Thus, scholarships are available to current majors in their sophomore-senior years. Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA in their dance classes and a 2.5 overall GPA to be eligible for and keep their scholarships. Students are also expected to be professional and exercise model citizenry at all times, as their activities and appearance are a direct reflection on the Dance Program.

New freshmen and transfer students may apply for scholarships during their first spring semester at UA for funding the following academic year.

Other Resources

In order to apply for academic scholarships from the University, students must be admitted to the University and complete the scholarships application by December 15.

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