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Mission & Values

Values Statements


We cultivate an environment that encourages growth and life-long learning through passion, hard work, and critical thinking.

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We champion a community of academic and creative collaborators through the practice of teamwork, mutual respect, empathy, and personal responsibility.


We encourage individual artistry through creativity and ingenuity by understanding the interdependence of process and result.


Collectively we create an environment that includes and respects all cultures and ideas to strengthen and enrich ourselves, our community, and the world.

Mission Statement

The Department prepares students for the multidisciplinary nature of Theatre and Dance through the development of specialized knowledge and skills required of professionals and scholars in the performing arts. Our faculty, staff, and students create transformative experiences that cultivate compassionate and collaborative communities at home and abroad.

The mission of the dance program is to enhance the knowledge, appreciation and growth of dance as a performing art. The dance program strives to provide students with the opportunity to improve their skills as dancers, communicators and creative artists and encourages outreach to the community through performances and scholarship activities.

The mission of the theatre program is to cultivate the next generation of performing arts professionals and scholars by offering exceptional and comprehensive degree programs, which nurture the development of creative, disciplined and well-rounded students. Our commitment to experiential learning in the classroom, on stage and through community outreach encourages collaboration and fosters self-awareness, empathy and inclusivity in our graduates.