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Kathryn Ann Key

Kathryn Ann KeyKathryn Ann Key graduated with her bachelor’s in dance in fall 2012. She has since appeared in several tours, on cruise ships, and on network television.

Where are you based now?

Right now I am based out of a 2016 Ford Focus rental car while on tour! However, I call New York City my home base.

What have you been up to since you graduated and how did UA prepare you for it?

After graduation, I moved straight up to New York City to start the Professional Semester Program at Broadway Dance Center. After finishing the program I booked a few tours including The Smurfs Live, Alvin and the Chipmunks The Musical, and a few different Disney Live! productions. I have also been apart of a hip hop group (Rhythm City) and danced for several music videos of local artists out of NYC.

I loved how Alabama brought in other choreographers and different industry people. This helped in getting first hand knowledge of the current jobs out there. Having that inside knowledge along with the support from Cornelius [Carter] and John [Virciglio] meant the world. Throughout my career I’ve reached back to my Alabama roots to seek out help, advice, and a string pulled every now and then.

What has been your favorite professional gig?

My favorite professional job was the one I just finished dancing on Holland America’s Cruise Line with RWS Entertainment. It was my favorite because the cast I was working with was one of the most professional uplifting groups I had ever been apart of. The traveling was nothing short of amazing and I booked another job through the guest entertainers on the ship.

What was that audition process like?

The audition process was four years in the making. I auditioned for RWS Ent. in the spring of 2013. Franklyn was the casting director in charge and I made it through the four-cut process of the audition. We spoke after the audition and I had high hopes; however, the very next week I received a contract for Disney Live! so therefore I could not take the contract RWS Ent. offered me the following week. Fast forward three years, I saw another audition for RWS Ent. coming up and my agent at the time sent me in. Franklyn saw me and yelled “Where have you been??!” I had missed the past few open calls because of previous jobs or no availability. But I knew this was a company I wanted to work for and so I never gave up on my dream.

What advice would you give current students?

You never know who remembers you or what impressions you may have made on them. You begin your audition the moment you walk out the door. Someone who is riding the train with you might be the choreographer. The person getting coffee in front of you might be casting the next big Broadway hit. Or the lady who tried to catch the elevator and you let it close might be the casting director upstairs. It’s important to remember manners, graciousness, and professionalism. I have found that this matters more than your technique in most cases. Hundreds of girls can turn, leap, and tilt but are they accompanied with an ability to be humble and thankful? Producers and directors like to work with talented dancers, of course, but if you have an amazing and professional personality as well, then that’s when you continue to book gig after gig.

Anything else you’d like to share? A favorite UA memory or anecdote?

I am a proud alumni of the University’s theatre and dance program. I have been blessed and booked during and after my time at Alabama. I am currently on tour right now with TV celebrity magician and illusionist Joseph Réohm as his choreographer and assistant. We tour throughout the east coast and even had a show in Alabama! I love teaching, talking through my experiences, and answering any questions students may have about life in New York City, on tour (national or international), or on a ship. If you want to know what life may be like after college please follow me on Instagram (@kathrynannkey) to see my upcoming work!

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Conventions, Film & TV

Pam Chancey

The Pulse (Owner)

Joy Spears

So You Think You Can Dance (Top Finalist); Hollywood Dance Jamz Competition/Convention (Teacher/Adjudicator); TV, film, industrials, artist tours, awards shows (see resume at

Janelle Issis

So You Think You Can Dance (Top Finalist); Hollywood Dance Jamz Competition/Convention (Teacher/Adjudicator)

Emily Loftiss

Radio City Rockettes, Fox Good Day LA, MTV’s Made, Huffington Post, Southern Living

Cruise Lines

Alicia McGinty

We Will Rock You National Tour

Anna Solomon

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

Josh Henderson

Disney Cruise Lines

Shaun Leary

Norwegian Cruise Lines

Ameen Price-Burnett

Norwegian Cruise Lines

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Norwegian Cruise Lines

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Disney Cruise Lines

Maci Arms

Celebrity Cruise Lines

Tara Lynn Steele

Norwegian Cruise Lines

Tory Torello

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

Carrie Strothers

Carnival Cruise Lines

Dance Companies

Jamorious Stewart

STREB Dancy Company NYC

Jamorris Rivers

Complexions Contemporary Ballet, NYC; Director, Aravo Dance Company, Birmingham, AL

Bria Tyner

Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Company, Denver, CO

Kelsey Ebersold

Atlanta Ballet

Mallory Herring

Ballet Contemporaneo de la Camara

Will Scott

Ballet Spartanburg

Bailey Harper

Lemon Spongecake Ballet, Denver, CO

Taryn Lavery

Arcos Dance Company, Austin, TX

Morgan Embry

DRIP, Orlando, FL

Disney/Universal Studios

Megan Muncher


Matthew Davis

Disney; Universal Studios

Kristen Hicks

Disney; Disney Cruise Lines

Sarah Lurdaisen

Disney; Disney Cruise Lines

Kathryn Key

Disney; Disney Live; Alvin and the Chipmunks

Melissa Gallagher

Disney; Disney Cruise Lines; Disney Live

Sheree Woods

Beauty and the Beast; Charlie’s Angels TV Series


Alyssa Marks

Dance Teacher Magazine

Allison Michalke Gupton

Dance Informa

Pro Teams

Alexandria Giannini

Atlanta Falcons

Mallory Meissner

Atlanta Falcons

Colleen Franks

Atlanta Falcons

Heather Foster Kinder

Tennessee Titans

Jessica Haynie

Atlanta Falcons

Cameron Armstrong

Atlanta Falcons

Christine Theresa

Baltimore Ravens

Tara Sellers

LA Kiss

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Heidi Knight

Jamie Young Miller

Touring Shows

JJ Buttler

Saturday Night Fever

Allison Barnes