Undergraduate Program

Dance Program Auditions

Virtual Dance Auditions

Prospective students will need to audition virtually. There will be no in-person auditions for admission into the program for the 2021-2022 academic season.

Fall Virtual Audition Deadline

You must submit your video and essay (see details below) by October 15, 2020.

Spring Virtual Audition Deadline

You must submit your video and essay (see details below) by February 15, 2021.

Video Recording

We recommend you record your video horizontally to ensure a wide enough frame so we can see your whole performance. Make sure to shoot the video in a space with good lighting where you have enough room to showcase all of your skill.

Audition Result Notifications

We will notify dancers of their admission status by November 1, 2020 for Fall submissions and March 1, 2021 for spring submissions. We will notify all students of the results by email/postal.

Admission Results

Accepted: You may begin course work as a dance major.
Not Accepted: An indication that we feel you will not be successful in our dance curriculum at this time.


Dance program scholarships are offered on a limited basis because of fluctuating funds and availability. Funds are minimal and might help students pay for books or other small fees. Incoming freshmen and transfer students are ineligible to apply for dance program scholarships. Incoming freshmen/transfer students may apply for scholarships within the spring semester for funding for the following academic year.

Video Audition Requirements


Perform three center combinations:

  • Adagio (< 2 minutes) should contain developpé and sustained extensions in all directions, grand rond de jambe, and promenade. The adagio may also include pirouettes and pirouettes in open positions (arabesque/attitude turns).
  • Petit allegro (< 1 minute) should contain simple allegro steps such as assemblé, jeté, sissonne, batterie along with connecting movements such as glissade, chassé, and pas de bourreé. It may also contain pirouettes.
  • Grand allegro (< 1 minute) should explore larger leaps (grand jeté, saut de chat, grand assemble, etc.), movement through space, and turning jumps (saut de basque, jeté entrelacé, tour en l’air, etc. It may also contain traveling turns.

***All exercises should demonstrate the auditioner’s knowledge of classical ballet line including basic positions (croisé devant, ecarté devant, arabesque), turnout, extensions, musicality, ability to balance, control of plié and transfer of weight. You should also be able to perform pirouettes and allegro work with clarity and elan.

If you are not confident submitting your own combinations, sample combinations that meet these requirements may be found at the links below:


Petit Allegro

Grande Allegro

Pointe (optional)


  • Perform a 2-minute center combination that demonstrates different uses of the torso, level changes (including use of the floor), change of weight, alignment, coordination, the ability to move through space, and musicality.
  • The combination should include movements executed with a variety of dynamics, leaps and turns.

If you are not confident submitting your own combination a sample combination that meets these requirements can be found at the link below:

Contemporary Combination


  • Perform a 2-minute movement combination that includes isolations, inside and outside turns, leaps and changes of levels.
  • You should also be able to demonstrate the ability to effectively use the torso, pelvis and perform complex rhythmic patterns.

If you are not confident submitting your own combination a sample combination that meets these requirements can be found at the link below:

Jazz Combination


  • Perform a one-minute work of in any style/genre of your choice (tap, ballroom, house, flamenco etc.) exhibiting your best attributes as a dancer. The work may be improvisational, choreographed by either you or a guest choreographer. If a guest choreographer, please credit name.

Video Submission

Please send your completed audition video to Lawrence Jackson at lmjackson7@ua.edu. We recommend sending videos via YouTube or Vimeo link.

Essay Submission

Auditionees are also required to submit an essay. In a 1-page, 12-point font essay, please detail why you are interested in studying dance at The University of Alabama. Include a brief description of your past training in movement forms and artistic practices, what your goals as a dancer are, and what you are interested in studying as a dance artist (teaching, choreography, therapy, photography, etc.). Please email your essay to Rita Snyder at rsnyder@ua.edu by the registration deadline.